Hobby Greenhouse Kit

Buying A Greenhouse Kit

Greenhouse kits are available in many different sizes from small portable structures to larger, permanent buildings and offer a variety of functionality. A portable greenhouse can easily be disassembled, moved, and reassembled. A permanent greenhouse can be used year round and is built to withstand all types of weather. Choosing a pre-fabricated building to meet your specific needs is important as it will lower the cost of construction as well as providing the fun of a do-it-yourself project that you can share with your family.

A pre-fabricated greenhouse kit comes with materials specifically suited to the humidity of a greenhouse environment. They are all designed to fit and work together to create an effective building to house plants, flowers, vegetables and herbs. A kit should provide all of the hardware you will need for construction. Shelving and benches, shade cloths, automated water or misting systems and other accessories are usually sold separately.

Backyard greenhouse kits require no permanent foundation, so a homeowner can easily set up a hobby greenhouse in their own backyard. If a particular kit requires a base it is usually included so will you have everything you need to make your greenhouse strong and sturdy. Each of the kits also includes vents to help keep your plants healthy by circulating fresh air into the structure.

Hobby Greenhouse

As you begin your search you will need to consider how you will heat and use the structure for indoor gardening. There are three basic uses for a greenhouse, depending on what temperature you will maintain to grow different types of plants. Most units will allow you the option of maintaining any of the three temperature levels.

A hobby or portable greenhouse is as durable and effective as a commercial green house. They are more convenient and less costly for the casual or novice gardener and provide the ability to grow your own plants, fruits, flowers and vegetables year-round.

Portable Greenhouse
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Greenhouse kits can be found at your local gardening center or through an online gardening supply store. They come with a wide variety of features depending on what you are looking for, such as built in ventilators, exhaust fans, double walls, windows and doors. You can also purchase accessories such as potting benches, carts, composters and heaters.

At Greenhouse Center, our goal is to provide useful information on choosing between the many different types of greenhouses available, buying a greenhouse kit, purchasing plants for your greenhouse nursery and how to maintain your greenhouse for indoor gardening year-round. Visit our Products page to see a sample of the large variety of greenhouse styles that are available.

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